The City of Yorba Linda has a wide range of job opportunities in various fields, including administration, finance, planning, engineering, public works, information technology, recreation, and more.  Full time, part time, and seasonal positions exist for people of all ages and skills. The City of Yorba Linda is an equal opportunity employer.

The City of Yorba Linda offers employment opportunities to qualified candidates who meet the jobs requirements.

The City of Yorba Linda is currently seeking for the positions listed below. Click on the job title for a complete description.

Job vacancies also are posted in the lobby of City Hall. Job listings are printed in local newspapers depending on the position to be filled. If you would like to inquire about any additional information not listed on the flyer please do so by calling (714) 961-7106.

PDF format allows you to view your form electronically on most computer. Please complete and print this fill-in PDF form for your records.



EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT - Administration Department/City Manager's Office